About the Show

MasterChef Canada

Offering a uniquely Canadian perspective on the ultimate cooking competition, home cooks from coast-to-coast have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to demonstrate their passion for food, while competing for the title of Canada's first-ever MasterChef.

Thousands of Canadian cooks applied, but only the best from across the country were flown to Toronto for an in-person audition with the judges. Each homegrown hopeful presents a signature dish, hoping to impress them enough to earn a coveted white apron. The most skilled, passionate, and inventive will move on to the next round of the competition and enter the MasterChef Canada kitchen.

The judges push these everyday Canadians to achieve culinary greatness. Internationally acclaimed restaurateurs Michael Bonacini, Claudio Aprile and Alvin Leung are the tough-but-fair mentors who take these amateurs on a journey from home cook to haute cuisine.

Throughout the series, Canada's best home cooks are tested as they face a series of dramatic challenges showcasing the pride of Canada. Designed to test their palates, food knowledge, passion, and culinary skills, these challenges will push them to their limits.

As they're whittled down, the pressure increases. A single mis-step can turn the entire competition around, making or breaking a home cook's chance of becoming the first-ever Canadian MasterChef.