About Bailiffs

What does it take to be a bailiff? What exactly do they do? Get inside the mind of a debt collector by watching Bailiffs.


Bailiffs is a documentary series profiling the work of private debt-collecting firms, including the top earners at a company in west London whose employees work on commission and can earn up to £1,500 a week.

Series 1

Pete Daines and his boss Mark Cowley organise a dawn raid to recover thousands of pounds from a motorist who has not paid his fines. While, Jamie Waller sets out on the trail of a man who owes more than #1,000 in unpaid parking and motoring offences but insists he's innocent.

Series 2

Sue Whyte extracts cash from a serial late payer of council tax, while Terry Cooper challenges a man in Surrey who is convinced he has already paid his council tax and a garage owner receives a hefty bill from Marc and Tony.

Series 3

Sue deals with a fleeing debtor by standing in the path of his speeding car. Meanwhile, Keith learns that a woman who hasn't paid her fines has been using her money to support a slot machine habit and a debtor is given a final chance to plead his case in court.