Interview: Mark Pellegrino

The man behind the villainous Bishop talks about finding the good in the bad guy.

Mark Pellegrino

On Playing Bishop

?The characters in Being Human aren't archetypal. It's not as simple as Bishop being the bad guy. Bishop is actually somebody fighting for something very good. He's fighting for loyalty, the survival of his family, fighting for the love of another being, fighting for what's right and that's why I took the role. The complexity where you scratch below the surface of the bad guy and find good. That's what Bishop is.?

On Bishop's Power

?I get the sense that the vampires run themselves the way the mafia did. There's various families that control regions and I?m the mafia don of Boston. I control and propagate the family here.?

On Love

?Bishop had a love affair with a human woman, which is uncharacteristically vulnerable for Bishop's being. So he seems to understand what a tragic phenomenon a relationship with a human being can be. He's forced at some point to sacrifice the woman he loves for power. It's a very heartbreaking episode for him that completely cures him of some of the thing that Aidan is going through in the present - his attachment to humans. So Bishop starts off as a sad, forlorn, broken hearted person, torn between two worlds in a way like Aidan is.?

On Bishop's Relationship with Aidan

?With Bishop and Aidan, there's a special bond that takes place when a vampire turns a human into a vampire. There's a bond that is spiritual in nature that is kind of akin to a father/son relationship times 10. You're literally forced to protect that person. You are that strongly bonded.?