Interview: Meaghan Rath

Find out more about what it's like to play a ghost in Being Human USA.

Being Human USA

On Playing Sally

?What I love about Sally is there are so many colours to her. She's not just happy all the time or depressed all the time; she's a real person. She goes through so much. It's so much fun to play her. I get to live out everything.?

?The challenge for me comes in really trying to do justice to Sally. I care about this character so much. I feel for her. From the second I read the script, I connected with her.?

On Being a Ghost

?What Sally really wants to do is connect with somebody. She's been alone for six months now, nobody can see her, nobody can hear her. The house is the one who is haunting her. She has so many memories in this place. Everywhere she turns she sees and hears the echoes of the life that she had and she's constantly tormented by it. So when the guys finally arrive, it's the first time in a long time that she's not completely alone.?

On Sally's Relationship with Josh and Aidan

?Sally is dealing with a lot of loneliness and isolation and Josh identifies with that completely because he's left the life that he lived and is completely on his own. Aidan has been around for centuries so he's seen everybody that he cares about pass away and leave him. That's what keeps us together, that's what drives the three of us.?