Interview: Sam Witwer

The Being Human USA actor talks about his relationship with his co-stars, Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath.

Sam Witwer

On Playing Aidan

?This guy has been like a sociopath for hundreds of years and suddenly he decides to get off the junk and all these emotions wake up. What do I do in terms of transforming into this character? Go to a very unpleasant place.?

On Being a Vampire

?Because Aidan hasn't been drinking live blood anymore, he's not nearly as strong as he should be. He's mentally off balance and physically off balance. The interesting thing is he was so ruthlessly effective and such a maniac back in the day that though all these vampires might be saying he's a wimp now, they're all a bit scared of him. Even for vampire standards, Aidan is a little bit nuts.?

On Aidan's Future

?Aidan's hope for the future is he wants to be a normal guy. He's been saddled with this tremendous adversity but he has this theory that he can beat it and he can live something resembling a normal life? we'll see if he gets there.?

On Casting

?Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath are wonderful actors, but more than that? they've become friends of mine. That kind of happened right away during the screen test. They were testing various combinations of people to see who had good chemistry with together, and we just all clicked right away. For whatever reason, we understood each other's rhythm.?