About the Show

A young girl with mysterious powers is placed under the protection of an escaped Death Row inmate, who must shield her from the mysterious forces out to hunt her down.


Executively produced by Golden Globe winner and Oscar-nominated director Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity) and Emmy Award-winning J.J. Abrams (Lost, Mission Impossible, Star Trek and soon, Star Wars), one of the most hotly anticipated US dramas of the year. Believe features one young girl's extraordinary power and her fight for survival.

Believe follows Bo (Johnny Sequoyah), an orphan girl with special abilities she doesn't fully understand. Raised by a small group known as the True Believers, she's always been shielded from outside forces that want to exploit her gifts for their own purposes.

Now aged 10 her powers are growing stronger, and the threat is growing ever more dangerous. The Believers turn to the one person they know who can protect her - Death Row inmate Tate (Jake McLaughlin), who is slated for execution for a crime he did not commit.

Tate is rescued by the resourceful and ideological Winter (Delroy Lindo), but in return for his freedom, Tate is tasked with looking after Bo, whose untested powers have a transformative effect on everyone she meets - even the jaded Tate. Bo is in danger, however, because the unlimited wealth and resources of multinational businessman Skouras (Kyle MacLachlan) are focused on acquiring the gifted girl and harnessing her powers.

Endlessly on the run, the fugitive Tate and Bo travel from city to city, evading their relentless pursuers, transforming the lives of those they encounter and growing closer as they discover more about themselves and what they truly believe.