Jake McLaughlin Interview

We find out all the latest from the actor who plays death row inmate Tate in Believe.


Name: Jake McLaughlin

Believe character: Tate

Place of birth: California

Date of Birth: 28/11/1961

Best known for playing Gordon Bonner in the Hollywood hit The Valley of Elah, Jake McLaughlin didn't get into acting until his mid-twenties. Aged 20, he joined the army and went to serve in Iraq for four years before becoming critically injured. After the success of his first film role in 2007, McLaughlin then went on to appear in Cloverfield and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The role of Tate in Believe on Watch is his first major lead.

How would you describe Believe?

Believe is a supernatural thriller about a little girl with special powers and how this organisation is trying to exploit her for those powers. The interesting part is you don't know what her powers are or when they're going to come out.

How does your character fit into the show, Jake?

I play the good guy who is protecting Bo from the bad guys. In the first episode, they break my character out of death row to protect her ? and our journey then ensues. It's a science fiction-based premise but the heart of the show is about the relationship between these two characters.

There are some impressive stunts in the first episode. Are there a lot of action sequences?

Yes but I don't mind getting hit or slammed. I get banged up. It's hard not to. You're doing that all day long, going full force, so you're definitely going to be a little bruised up.

What do you think of the supernatural element of the show?

I think that the way that they portray it on the show is very cool. The supernatural element is very believable and real. It's not forced; it's just there, so you accept it.

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