J.J. Abrams Interview

J.J. Abrams is the founder and President of Bad Robot Productions, which he runs with his producing partner, Bryan Burk. In addition to Believe, Abrams also serves as executive producer of the TV series Person of Interest, Revolution and Almost Human. Abrams is currently working on the next installment in the Star Wars saga.


When did you first meet Alfonso Cuarón?

I met Alfonso over 20 years ago ? and I've wanted to work with him desperately ever since. I was a huge fan of every movie that he made, and each one made me more and more desperate to try and figure this out.

And how did Believe come about?

It wasn't until Alfonso, through some magical moment, called and said, ?I have an idea for a TV show,? that it gave this opportunity to me and to Bad Robot. When he pitched the idea, it didn't have to come from Alfonso to be something that was compelling and something that felt like I had to see that on television. And we were all desperate to be involved. But, of course, because it was Alfonso, it was even more so. So it was one of those things that was an opportunity too great, too exciting to pass up.

You have so many different projects on the go. How ?hands on? were you for Believe?

I was very hands-on in the pilot. I was hands-on in putting that together and in getting the team and everything. The key is to be available when you're needed and help get the thing on its feet and be there when it's necessary to help with decisions or help fix problems when they arise. The goal is to get and find and encourage the right people to do their job.

Do you think we will see a season two of Believe?

I think it definitely has a chance. I feel like it's one of those things where, as series go, creatively you always find yourself finding your footing eight or nine episodes in. You just begin to do it. Usually the first season you get it. Fingers crossed that we're able to continue that in season two.

If you had supernatural powers, what would you do?

It's hard to answer that question without being corny, but I would try and make people blind to people's differences so that they wouldn't see people as other, but we'd all see each other as one.