J.J. Abrams Factfile

Photo credit: Rex Features

Photo credit: Rex Features

Name: Jeffrey Jacob Abrams

Place of birth: New York

Date of Birth: 27/06/1966

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Ten facts about J.J. Abrams that you might not know

  1. Abrams never appreciated Star Trek until he was hired to direct Paramount's 2009 sequel, Star Trek into Darkness.

  2. Being one of Hollywood's most successful writer and directors isn't enough for Abrams ? he's also a brilliant music composer. Abrams composed the theme music for Alias, Fringe, Lost, Person of Interest, Revolution and Almost Human, and he co-wrote the theme song for Felicity.

  3. Abrams made his first ever film aged eight-years-old on a super 8mm camera.

  4. Abrams and his wife, Katie McGrath, live in Los Angeles with their three children: Henry, Gracie and August.

  5. He has also had a few small acting roles in films: Regarding Henry, Diabolique and Six Degrees of Separation (1993).

  6. By college, Abrams had sold his first screenplay - Taking Care of Business, starring James Belushi.

  7. The big screen is a family business for Abrams. His father is the TV producer Gerald W. Abrams, his mother Carol Abrams is an executive producer. And sister Tracy Rosen is a screenwriter.

  8. Abrams is 5ft 6 tall. His wife is only half an inch taller, but she often wears killer heels which makes the height difference more noticeable!

  9. Real name Jeffrey Jacob, J.J. was a nickname that his parents called him ? and it stuck.

  10. Abrams first big TV hit was the soap series 'Felicity' in 1998.