Johnny Sequoyah Interview

The 11-year-old actress speaks to Watch about juggling school with mega-stardom.


Name: Johnny Sequoyah

Believe character: Bo

Place of birth: Idaho

Date of Birth: 25/10/2003

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She's been acting since she was eight ? now at the grand old age of 11, Johnny Sequoyah has landed the lead role in J.J Abrams? Believe TV series. You might have spotted this talented youngster in the likes of Plastic Jesus, Unicorns or An Unkindess of Ravens.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

I've lived in haunted houses before, so I definitely believe in the supernatural.

How difficult is it to juggle schoolwork and work as an actor?

It's hard because I want to do a good job on my acting, but I also have all this schoolwork to focus on. Sometimes I forget my lines because I?m memorising something from my math? class.

How does it feel to see your face on the small screen?

It's awesome! It's also a little strange because you can't help judging what you look like.

Who are your acting icons?

I like Jennifer Lawrence. She's amazing!

What would you say to people to entice them to watch the show?

I'd say, ?Definitely watch Believe. It's amazing!? I can't wait to watch it.