Kyle MacLachlan Interview

Kyle MacLachlan talks to Watch about playing Roman Skouras in the year's biggest TV drama.

Believe interviews: Kyle Maclachlan

Name: Kyle MacLachlan

Believe character: Skouras

Place of birth: Washington

Date of Birth: 22/02/1959

See: Jake McLaughlin on IMDB

You'll probably recognise Kyle MacLachlan. Wondering where? Maybe from Showgirls, Twin Peaks or Sex and the City. Or if you're into David Lynch films, the two are firm friends and MacLachlan has appeared in a few cult projects including Blue Velvet and Dune. Catch him now in his latest role, Roman Skouras on the Believe TV series.

How did you get involved with Believe?

I read the script and I immediately loved it. I knew that Alfonso Cuarón was involved, and I was excited that J.J. Abrams was also involved. Any time those two names are mentioned in a project it becomes far more interesting. And I really liked the story. I like the humanity of it and I thought that I could do something with the character.

How would you describe your character, Roman Skouras?

He's pretty enigmatic in the script and we don't really know what his agenda is. Sometimes it's better when there's less because as an actor you have an opportunity to put your stamp on it. I?m discovering more about Roman Skouras as we go along, which is one of the fun things about television. You go into it and you have an idea of who the character is, but then it gradually unfolds and there are other colours and influences that come to bear. My character is obviously a man of power and a man of wealth. And it's obvious that he's had a relationship in the past with Delroy's character, Winter, but we don't know what that backstory is exactly. He's tremendously interested in this young girl called Bo and he sends out people to try and pull her away as violently as needs be.

How much input did you have into your character?

One of the exciting things about coming to this character was the fact that he was not clearly defined. It was open-ended to what I could do with him; so on the first day when I was working with Alfonso, we were really discovering who he was and who he could be. I came in with my ideas, and Alfonso had some ideas, and I felt like I was working on a film just because of the bubble that was created around the two of us because we worked and made this guy come to life. Some of my choices, he manipulated around and made them much more interesting ? and I?m trying to hold true to those as we continue.

Skouras is a very mysterious figure...

It's a character who's enigmatic for sure. I don't think I've played anybody as mysterious as this guy since I played Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks. He's got so many different pieces and moving parts... You don't see much about him in the first episode, but you're going to see a lot more as'the show progresses.

Are you a fan of the supernatural?

I like some supernatural shows and movies, like J.J. Abrams? Star Trek. That was really great. Gravity wasn't necessarily a sci-fi movie, but it was set in space and I thought it was a smart use of technology to tell the story. The absolute surprise I had was the impact of scenes where there was no sound to the destruction; that was really a revelation. It was so frighteningly real.