About Booze Patrol Australia

Booze Patrol Australia

From major roadside drink-driving operations and mobile breath testing, to high-speed pursuits and drivers under the influence of drugs, Booze Patrol Australia captures all the drama and danger that police face every day in their relentless campaign against drink driving.

See the police in action as they pull over some very lively characters including a grandmother who claims she never drinks, despite alcohol being detected, and a plumber whose pregnant wife is waiting for him at home - will a couple of beers after work on the way home land him in hot water?

We also meet a new driver who stopped drinking at midnight and is on his way to the beach for the day eleven hours later ? but is he still over the limit? Then there's the driver of the Toyota who appeared to pull up short of a police stop. Is he really an innocent drivert?

As well as covering traffic operations Booze Patrol Australia also heads out to sea with the NSW Water Police who patrol the waterways where the blood alcohol limit is the same as on the road.