About Brainwashing Stacey

Will journalist Stacey Dooley be influenced by the ideologies of anti-abortion campaigners and big-game hunters?

About Brainwashing Stacey

Journalist Stacey Dooley has investigated all manner of issues affecting young people around the world, from domestic violence to drug smuggling and sex trafficking.

But when embedded within two groups with beliefs and principles completely opposed to her own - anti-abortion campaigners and big-game hunters - can she keep an open mind? And will any of her views be changed?

Episode 1 - Anti-Abortion Camp

Stacey travels to California to meet Survivors, one of America's most extreme anti-abortion groups. Learning alongside them in the classroom, before witnessing them preach their pro-life message to both the public and mothers-to-be, can they persuade Stacey to join their controversial campaign?

Episode 2 - Living With Big Game Hunters

Stacey moves into an African big-game hunting lodge to train for two weeks with die-hard trophy hunters. Living and breathing a hunter's life, she finds some surprising people and points of view in this controversial world. She learns how to shoot, track and harvest big game, all the while exposed to her mentors' compelling pro-hunting logic.