Ellie's advice to solve our Christmas dilemmas

It may be the most wonderful time of year, but Christmas is not without its own unique stresses and strains.

Matt Richardson and Ellie Taylor

Matt Richardson and Ellie Taylor on Celebrity Advice Bureau

In a recent survey of 2,000 British adults, it revealed that the festive season is a tinsel-topped minefield and we have series of quirky irritations that come with the festive period - from cooking Christmas dinner to unwanted presents and arguments over the Queen's speech.

Thankfully, this study comes just in time for our new show, Celebrity Advice Bureau; where a cast of celebrities attempt to solve problems from the every-day to downright bizarre - and one agony aunt is here to help with the Top 10 Christmas stresses.

Comedian Ellie Taylor has come to help us avoid a festive fall out.

Turkey troubles (52%) - There are only so many 'leftover buffets' that one person can handle, or having cooking challenges like finding the bird doesn't fit in the oven

"Get your mum to cook turkey at hers and drive it over like a very specialised uber driver - this allows you loads of space to heat up your Auntie Bessie's and frees you of any 'under cooked turkey kills entire family' blame."

Batteries (34%) - Forgetting to buy batteries or running out of batteries for the kids' toys, when all the shops are closed

"Steal them from remote controls or any other grown up battery operated things you may have around the house."

Fake joy (29%) - at being given bad presents when you bought them something really nice

"Practice by watching a montage of X FACTOR winners being announced. Source your own glitter cannon and away you go."

Storage (29%) - trying to fit everything into the fridge when your Christmas food order arrives

"Make your shed into an outside fridge. If you don't have a shed, ask Santa for a shed."

New Year's Eve Plans (28%) - working out something to do on New Year's Eve

"Don't bother - it's always rubbish and a little bit sad. Just stay at home in your pjs. You have a glitter cannon remember, you ARE the party."

Boxing Day Bargains (28%) - Seeing that really expensive present you bought is now half

"Buy yourself one of the items in order to still secure that 'bargain' glow. Half price Steam Train Railway Magazine subscription? YES PLEASE."

Organised fun and team games (26%) - in the form of single or team game playing - charades etc.

"I LOVE GAMES. If you aren't playing you aren't partaking in Xmas. Go and stand in the garden. And stay out of the shed-fridge."

Re-gifting (25%) - Receiving an obvious 're-gift' - spotting you've been re-gifted a present that someone was obviously given the previous year

"Swallow your annoyance and focus on what a great Facebook post this will be. Close your eyes and think of the 'likes'."

Christmas tree envy (25%) - Getting the needle because a neighbour's Christmas tree is bigger, shapelier and better decorated

"Just shove anything on it. Load yours with the most amounts of baubles you possibly can. Not everyone can take a tall one, but everyone can go with a wide one. Get creative- no need to buy expensive ornaments- hang kitchen utensils from the branches as a subversive take on the fast food obsessed society we live in art."

Wi-Fi issues (22%) - Wi-Fi problems away from home - Staying with parents/friends/ in laws who have slow Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi at all

"My palms are sweating at the very thought. It's hard to see a way out of this one. I spose you could always buy one of those BOOK things from the olden days to read? Or maybe just find a local Starbucks? Starbucks are open Christmas Day right? RIGHT??"

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