About Celebrity Haunted Mansion

Christine Lampard and Matt Richardson return for TV’s most entertaining scare fest, Celebrity Haunted Mansion, coming to W from Wednesday 21st February.

About Celebrity Haunted Mansion

For five nights, paranormal experts Jack Obsourne and Jason Hawes will each lead a team of celebrities as they face a variety of chilling challenges in a truly terrifying gothic mansion. Each night, there will be a climactic live ghost hunt testing bravery and investigation skills to the limit - where two of our stars will have to give up the ghost... and leave the show.

Who survives until the final night and becomes the champion celebrity ghost hunter will be up to you! From Wednesday, you'll be able to vote for your favourite stars. It's otherworldly power of the most ghoulish kind... so use it wisely.

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For an extra supernatural treat, the first episode will be simulcast on Really, UKTV's free-to-air channel, so its loyal paranormal fans can get a slice of the action.

Matt Richardson will host sister show High Spirits, which will air at 7pm every night on W. This special show will give viewers a chance to catch-up on the previous night's creepy occurrences and set the scene for the chilling challenges that will be set in that night's main show.

Celebrity Haunted Mansion will air on for five nights from Wednesday 21st February at 9pm on W, with the first night also live on Really.

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