Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Jay Hutton interview

Jay rose to fame in the E4 hit show Tattoo Fixers, which sees member of the public get their dodgy tats disguised into masterpieces with the help of the edgy in-house tattoo artists. He joins the other nine daring celebrities as they battle it out to become victor of the Celebrity Haunted Mansion.

Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Jay Hutton interview

What are you most scared of happening in the mansion?

Getting started on by something you can't see!

Have you had any experiences with the paranormal already?

I've taken some pictures and seen some orbs, but other than that I'm looking forward to getting into the mansion and seeing what happens in there.

What sort of team player will you be / what skills will you bring to the table?

I'll be a great team player until I'm scared, and then I'll be really selfish!

If you could pick 1 other person (famous or not, dead or alive) to go into the mansion with you, who would it be?

Bruce Lee, for protection!

Similarly, who's the WORST person you can think of to go into the mansion with?

I definitely would not take Sketch (Tattoo Fixers) with me, because he's a bigger wimp than me.

Are you a believer or a sceptic?

Being a believer, you're more susceptible to things happening, and I think I've got a friendly face so they'll want to speak to me.