Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Luisa Zissman interview

The retail entrepreneur first found fame on BBC1’s The Apprentice in 2013 with her feisty, no-nonsense attitude. Shortly after the show, she launched her business, named Bakers Toolkit, at the Cake International Show. She joins the other nine daring celebrities as they battle it out to become victor of the Celebrity Haunted Mansion.

Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Luisa Zissman interview

What are you most scared of happening in the mansion?

I'm most scared of being touched by something in the mansion, like a ghost.

Have you had any experiences with the paranormal already?

When I was younger I did a Ouija board and the glass definitely moved, it really freaked me out.

What sort of team player will you be / what skills will you bring to the table?

I'd say I'm more team leader than team player. I'm really competitive but I'm definitely organised, smart, and I like physical challenges as well.

If you could pick 1 other person (famous or not, dead or alive) to go into the mansion with you, who would it be?

It would probably be Winston Churchill, because he's really old and died years ago. He'd be able to talk to the ghosts to get relevant information.

Similarly, who's the WORST person you can think of to go into the mansion with?

I'd hate to go in with someone that's a real scaredy-cat, because they would freak me out. I don't want anyone clinging on to me screaming because then I'll start screaming too.

Are you a believer or a sceptic?

Predominantly I'm a believer, but some things I'm quite sceptical about. I'm not sure about ghosts, but I definitely believe in mediums, and that there's a higher power, because when you die your spirit has to go somewhere.