Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Mark Francis Vandelli interview

Mark first found fame on the E4 reality show Made in Chelsea in 2011. Known for his cutting wit and upper class-isms, Mark is the only person to have featured in every single series. He joins the other nine daring celebrities as they battle it out to become victor of the Celebrity Haunted Mansion.

Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Mark Francis Vandelli interview

What are you most scared of happening in the mansion?

The only thing I'm truly terrified of is having to spend time with people I really don't like in the middle of nowhere. So let's just hope they're amicable.

Have you had any experiences with the paranormal already?

I adore the paranormal, ghosts are perhaps my best friends. I'm sure I'm going to have a wonderful time with them.

What sort of team player will you be / what skills will you bring to the table?

I think of myself as quite a rational person, so I'm hoping to be unperturbed by the presence of a few ghosts floating around.

If you could pick 1 other person (famous or not, dead or alive) to go into the mansion with you, who would it be?

Oscar Wilde, he'd just make it all incredibly funny and would have a great book to write after it.

Similarly, who's the WORST person you can think of to go into the mansion with?

I cannot think of anything worse than having to spend five days in this haunted house with my mother, who sees ghosts every time she opens the door! It'd be awful.

Are you a believer or a sceptic?

I believe in ghosts because there is nothing not to believe in. They are everywhere and they are my close friends, why be sceptical?