Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Matt Richardson interview

The comedian and The Xtra Factor presenter co-hosts Celebrity Haunted Mansion at 9pm with Christine Lampard and then takes the reigns of companion show, Celebrity Haunted Mansion: High Spirits at 7pm. But has he ever actually seen a ghost himself and what three things would he take with him if he was staying in the Mansion overnight...?

Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Matt Richardson interview

What is Celebrity Haunted Mansion all about?

Celebrity Haunted Mansion combines two things we all have a morbid obsession about - celebs and the paranormal. We're sticking a bunch of celebrities into a house with, what we hope are, a bunch of terrifying ghosts. Then they can all meet, and we get to see the terrifying - and maybe slightly hilarious - results.

What's it like working with Christine Lampard?

It's a dream to be honest. I'm actually slightly annoyed - I'd love to be able to tell you she's a nightmare and a diva, but she isn't. She's incredibly professional, which is great because I am not.

What can we expect to see in High Spirits, the sister show to Celebrity Haunted Mansion which you're also hosting?

It'll be much more lighthearted than the main show - more of a chance for the celebs and I to look back at the funniest things that happened rather than the most paranormal. It'll also be packed full of jokes and exclusives.

What are you most scared about encountering at the haunted mansion?

I'm going to try and spend as little time as humanly possible in the actual Mansion. I've been in there once already and it creeped me out, so I think I'll be seeing if we can film outside as much as possible - thermal underwear has been purchased. So hopefully the scariest thing I get is a wedgie. But not from a ghost. THAT would really freak me out.

Have you ever encountered a ghost?

I have - I thought I saw a man stood behind me on a ghost walk tour I was on in Edinburgh. I saw him walk up behind us and stand there out the corner of my eye. I turned around and no one was there. I couldn't sleep I was so scared.

What was the scariest thing you encountered in last year's Celebrity Haunted?

Definitely walking up the bridleway with Christine in the last episode. It was pitch black and we heard all sorts of weird noises. She was far more spooked than me, but it still wasn't nice!

What three things would you take with you if you were staying in the Mansion overnight?

A sleeping bag, a fire and someone braver than me.

What is it about the paranormal world that you think compels us so much?

I think it's probably an obsession with death. We can't get our heads around the concept of there being nothing when you die - so we want to find an answer.