Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Simon Gregson interview

Manchester-born Simon is a famous face for his portrayal of Steve McDonald in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, a role he began way back in 1989. He joins the other nine daring celebrities as they battle it out to become victor of the Celebrity Haunted Mansion.

Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Simon Gregson interview

What are you most scared of happening in the mansion?

A ghoulie following me home. I don't want ghoulies in my house, I don't want ghoulies in my face, I don't want it anywhere near me.

Have you had any experiences with the paranormal already?

I lived in a flat that was haunted, I could hear breathing, there was someone sat on the edge of my bed. And our house at the moment is haunted by a woman in white.

What sort of team player will you be / what skills will you bring to the table?

I've watched Bill Murray in Ghostbusters many, many times, so I'm gonna channel Bill Murray for this!

If you could pick 1 other person (famous or not, dead or alive) to go into the mansion with you, who would it be?

Cookie, my dog! She'd be able to tell me if there's any spooky stuff going on before it actually happens and give me time to get out of there

Similarly, who's the WORST person you can think of to go into the mansion with?

Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone (in Coronation Street), because he's a total wuss-bag.

Are you a believer or a sceptic?

I'm in the middle between believer and sceptic - having had experiences, but not really knowing whether I've had them.