Funniest quotes from MasterChef's Gregg Wallace

The contestants may be cooking up a storm in the kitchen on MasterChef, but judge Gregg Wallace always serves up some delicious descriptions that seem every bit as tasty. Here are our favourites...

MasterChef quotes

"It's like angels are kissing my tongue."

"Like a deadly assassin, the chilli comes creeping into your palate."

"It's not burnt - it's just enthusiastically crisp."

"That's like a hug from a great big mushroom."

"There's no place in Masterchef for pink food. There's no place in the world for pink food."

"It's like a lemon has just picked you up by the ears and given you a big snog."

"That's like a chocolate tide crashing onto a beach."

"Its summery, its fruity ... I'd stick my face in it.'

"My tastebuds are boogying with each other right now."

"That is just gooey loveliness."

"I do like the sound of Kimberley's menu... it's sending a text straight through to my belly."

"That's the Jurassic Park of scotch eggs."

"I wouldn't marry your rhubarb crumble - but I'd take it away for a dirty weekend."