About Cherry Healey: How to Get a Life

Cherry Healey looks through a lens at the modern world. From pride (fake tans, hair extensions) to prejudice (discrimination in the workplace), Cherry leaves no stone unturned as she tackles the most pressing issues of modern life and tries to understand what makes us tick.

About Cherry Healey: How To Get A Life

Episode 1: Single v Settled

Cherry Healey wants to find out what a modern relationship looks like in a world where anything goes. Does single equal sad and lonely or is it free and sexy? Is coupledom the mark of success or is staying faithful to the same person forever now just plainly absurd? Cherry spends time with identical twins, one single and one married, teenagers who are into threesomes, serial daters and a young man who is desperate to meet 'the one'. Can she get to the heart of things and find whether they all really prefer being single or settled?

Episode 2: Are We All Addicts?

Cherry sets out to discover why Britain has become a nation of pill-poppers. In a world where legal drugs can be bought online in the time it takes to point and click, how informed are the choices people make, and how much do they rely on the pills they take? Whether we are chasing a legal high or trying to cure a physical problem, is everyone addicted to something these days?

Episode 3: Can Looks Change Your Life?

When fake tans, hair extensions, pumping iron and lunchtime Botox have become the norm, have looks actually become more important than character? Is vanity necessarily a negative thing or can it be harnessed and used to change lives? Cherry meets a cast of characters, from those who obsess about their looks to those who absolutely refuse to, in a bid to find out whether looks can really change life for the better.

Episode 4: How Prejudiced Are We?

Cherry Healey is on a quest to find out how prejudiced today's politically-correct world is. Is the UK open-minded or are intolerance and bigotry still rife? She meets a female firefighter, a black ballet dancer, a wheelchair user and a victim of discrimination in the workplace to get a snapshot of modern Britain. Cherry spends time with those challenging stereotypes to find out how our preconceptions - and hers - have changed.

Episode 5: Work & Play

Cherry investigates why people work so hard and play so hard in a world that never switches off. When so many are working longer hours than ever before, how are they also partying as if their lives depended on it? And is it really making them happy or just stressed? Cherry meets a man who works 20 hours a day, a group of lads who regularly blow their weekly wages in one night and a single mum who holds down four jobs.