About the Show

The stakes have never been higher for the team at Choccywoccydoodah as they race against the clock on both sides of the Atlantic, to create bespoke extraordinary cakes for celebrities including Tinie Tempah, Sir Richard Branson, Derren Brown and more.

Richard Branson

The marvellous, maverick band of chocolatiers of Choccywoccydoodah are back with a bang! And this time they're facing more monumental celebrity cake challenges that will push them to their creative limits like never before.

From the bright lights of New York to the desert heat of LA, from busy London to the glamour of Cannes, they travel thousands of miles in a bid to meet the demands of an international constellation of stars, including Wesley Snipes, Sir Richard Branson, Tinie Tempah, Michael Bolton and Melanie C.

And if that wasn't enough we find out how life in London and Brighton treats them as they quadruple the size of their Brighton store and cope with the demands of a burgeoning business and a new book deal.

We follow the delights and disasters, the tantrums and the triumphs as the creators of the most magnificent cakes in the world discover whether this time, they can meet all their latest challengers? showbiz demands.