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Interview with Ben Hollingsworth
Interview: Ben Hollingsworth

Ben plays Dr Mario Savetti, a resident who grew up poor and sees ER as his only way out.

Interview with Marcia Gay Harden
Interview: Marcia Gay Harden

Marcia plays Dr Leanne Rorish, an ER physician, known to her team as 'Daddy'.

Interview with Luis Guzman
Interview: Luis Guzman

Luis plays Jesse Salander, known as 'Momma', a senior nurse who manages the residents.

Interview with Noah Gray Cabey
Interview: Noah Gray Cabey

Noah plays Elliot Dixon, a fresh-faced new resident at Angels Memorial Hospital.

Interview with Rob Lowe
Interview: Rob Lowe

Rob plays Dr Ethan Willis, a U.S. Army colonel with the Combat Casualty Care program.

Interview with Melanie Chandra
Interview: Melanie Chandra

Melanie plays Dr Malaya Pineda, a second-year resident who did her internship at Angels.

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