Interview with Noah Gray Cabey

Noah plays Elliot Dixon, a fresh-faced new resident at Angels Memorial Hospital.

Noah Cabey

Tell us about your character...

I play Dr. Elliott Dixon, a new 1st year resident. He's always getting into trouble and looking very confused, which is very easy for me to do! All the cast are veterans at doing this now, they've got it down, so coming into this was a bit of a jolting experience, so easy to work with as a character.

He's a pretty ordinary guy, pretty genuine, I think that's something that was important to get into fairly early on with the character. In the world I think every time you have an elite profession there's a lot of jostling for position and Elliott doesn't play that game. He just tries not to drown among the chaos, and as long as he's keeping his head above water it's a good day - which again I can relate to. As long as I'm not screwing up anything too badly I feel like I'm doing a good job.

Did you go to boot camp?

Yes, it was pretty easy actually. I got there prepared - Youtubed it beforehand - and found a couple of medical courses from the UK, 45-minute home classes, to get an idea of what would be going on. And it made me feel very ignorant!

Are you squeamish?

I am if it's real. I don't know how real doctors do it.

Do you have time to develop your character?

I thought it was important to know who the character was from the very get go, what Michael's vision of the character was. We were on completely the same page.

Is there a way producers are able to key you in on what might happen to your character before the scripts are written?

I see the scripts and then see what's going on. For the most part we're pretty blind to everything. In terms of the character arc, I view this as someone who's finding out who they are. If he's going to make it in this high octane world he's got to work out how to stand on his own two feet.

Did you know any of the cast before?

Not at all.

Star struck?

I haven't told anyone yet but I was a little bit star struck by Rob Lowe. Me and my dad used to watch West Wing all the time, talk about each episode for hours, I haven't told him that! Everyone was super welcoming and inclusive. I'm really lucky.

You're learning from your peers like your character?

Everyone else has been doing this for a while, even when it comes to medical action, I know in real life Ben's a whizz at suturing, so if ever I need help there's definitely a whole bevy of people with lots of knowledge to choose from.

Do you spend any time off set in the way real life doctors socialise?

It's tough for me as I'm on the young side, I can't go to bars yet, which is really embarrassing! But honestly, when you see how long the days are here, I pretty much go home and sleep.

Have you always wanted to act?

I've thought about what a 'normal' job would be, which I think would be Marketing, I've always been fascinated by that. But I always wanted to keep my head clear when it comes to acting. I've been studying and acting since I was six or seven. Now I'm deferring for a semester year and I'll go from there.

Where did you grow up?

Southern California. I was born in Chicago and grew up in Maine which is where most of my family is. But I've been out here for a while, mainly because of the acting.

So you didn't need to relocate?

Yes but when I was very young - six. And I've been here ever since, pretty much. I'm coming to the UK soon, my fiancee's English, so I'll be there for Christmas.