About Covert Affairs

CIA trainee Annie Walker is unexpectedly thrust into a world of danger and secrecy.

Covert Affairs

Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) is a smart, stunning and very new CIA field operative in one of the organisation's most secretive branches, the Domestic Protection Agency.

Summoned by headquarters for active duty one month before training is over, she's quickly thrown into a shadowy world full of cons, killers and international crime rings. What she doesn't know is there's something ? or someone ? from her past that her bosses want badly enough to put her in harm's way. She just has to survive long enough to find out why.

Helping her is blind, tech whizzkid Auggie (Christopher Gorham); but nothing can prepare her for what's ahead, especially as her first day on the job results in a Russian spy in her custody being killed, her being chased home after a night out and being ticked off by her ice queen boss Joan (Kari Matchett).

Add to this a failed date, being arrested and being hit on by every guy in the CIA and it's quite an introduction to the life of a 21st century spy.