David Attenborough's Giant Hedgehog

We've unleashed our giant hedgehog! Have you seen it yet?

Giant Hedgehog

On Sunday 16th February surprised walkers were shocked to find a giant hedgehog which was unleashed on Clapham Common, London.

Behind the Hedgehog

Behind the Giant Hedgehog

The Elusive Species Survey

We took a survey to of the UK's most elusive species and found that the humble hedgehog is one of the nation's animals that we're starting to see less-and-less of.

The hedgehog also just happens to be one of Sir David Attenborough's favourite species and features in the Armoured Animals episode of David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities.

Sir David Attenborough with the smaller scale-model

Sir David Attenborough with the smaller scale-model

To celebrate the launch of the second series of the award-winning David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities we decided to build a 7-foot hedgehog in the hope that it would raise awareness for one of the UK's dwindling yet most curious species.

Now Visit It!

You can visit the hedgehog at Bristol College Green from 19th February 2014 and Manchester Piccadilly Gardens from 20th February 2014 which you'll be pleased to know is available for the public to take pictures with!

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Enter the Competition

On top of being able to visit this fantastic campaign, you can also enter your selfie with the hedgehog into our Animal Selfie Competition for you chance to win a Canon camera and signed merchandise.

The competition is also open to selfies with other animals and pets, so anyone can enter - let your imagination run wild and make sure you submit yours before midnight 10th March!