About Trick of the Mind

Derren Brown deploys his fusion of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship.

Derren Brown

Series 1

In the very first series, Derren Brown amazes magic fan Stephen Fry, places Martin Kemp under his influence and predicts QPR midfielder Marc Bircham's penalty moves.

He later manipulates an entire orchestra into 'playing to his tune' and puts an eminent psychiatrist on the couch.

He also conjures up some tasty magic for Michel Roux Jnr. and baffles a butcher, a baker and candlestick maker.

Series 2

Derren travels around the country, starting at the village made famous by The Prisoner, Portmeirion in Wales, where Simon Pegg is left astounded.

Then it's the turn of Jonathan and Jane Ross to fall under Derren's spell, with a card trick that defies explanation.

In the last episode of the series, Derren takes a trip to Glastonbury, the heart of English new-ageism, for a spot of mischief-making.

Series 3

In the final series of rick of the Mind, Derren begins in the Valley of Fire, Nevada, where he makes the sun disappear, and then shows viewers how he did it.

Derren meets Dame Kelly Holmes at a North London running track. The nation's favourite runner can certainly run, but can she hide from Derren as he attempts to get inside her head?

In Italy, Derren executes a breathtaking routine across the canals of Venice. Back on home territory, Derren summons Robbie Williams to a remote, abandoned location in the East End for a spot of trance-induced body piercing.

And can Derren get two people, speaking in totally different languages, to communicate with each other?

Finally, Derren ventures into Monaco, the gambling capital of Europe, to test his card skills and perform a fantastic memory feat.