About Derren Brown's TV Specials

Derren Brown

Russian Roulette

Filmed in a secret location, a member of the public loads a real handgun with one bullet. Derren then puts the gun to his head and uses his special abilities to attempt to determine which chamber contains the bullet.

The Heist

Can Derren persuade any responsible, middle-management businessmen and women to steal £100,000 in an armed robbery?

Trick or Treat

Members of the public are convinced to sign a Faustian pact and make a blind choice of a Trick or Treat card to determine what will happen to them next.

The System

Derren investigates the psychology behind gambling, culminating in a huge, one-off bet by a single mum from London employing his 'system' for betting on horse racing.


In America, Derren sets out to demonstrate just how easy it is to dupe people into believing five impossible things (almost) before breakfast. Can he succeeded in convincing five 'experts' of his powers?

Evening of Wonders

Filmed in a theatre, this show features plenty of audience participation, shocking stunts and mind games, as Derren demonstrates why he is one of the country's most exciting live performers.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Derren Brown's award-winning live show fuses magic, suggestion and psychology. Filmed in front of a packed audience at the Old Vic, London, this show is definitely not for the faint-hearted.