The best Cameo episodes

Here at W, we've decided to choose a few Doctor Who episodes that have the best cameo appearances. Take a look at the ones we've got in store for this weekend.

Kristine Stacke, our very own Channel Assistant at W has chosen the Doctor Who episodes this week.

Kristine's love of Doctor Who began with the advent of the new series in 2005 when the Doctor was played by Christopher Eccleston. Controversially, Eccleston is still her favourite Doctor. However she now appreciates David Tennant and the difference his Doctor brought to the show.

Here at W, her love of Doctor Who shines with the merchandise she keeps on her desk, including her Kindle cover that looks like River Songs Diary, a Phone Box and Weeping Angel (this one glows in the dark).

All in all Kristine is our resident Whovian and we hope you enjoy the episodes that she chosen for this week's theme.


Doctor: David Tennant, Cameo: Carey Mulligan.

"This is probably one of the scariest episodes of Doctor Who. It's the first time we meet the Weeping Angels, who off the success of this episode return a few more times as the series go on.

Known as a 'Doctor Lite' episode it really focuses in on the person/people who get caught up on the edge of one of the Doctors Adventures. Carey Mulligan plays the main character of the episode ' Sally Sparrow' who accidentally comes across the Weeping Angels and then gets sucked in as friends disappear and start to send her messages. It's a very baffling episode to watch at first but it does get neatly tied up at the end.

It's one of those episodes that explores the idea of whether the Doctor is saving us or we are saving him."

Partners in Crime

Doctor: David Tennant, Cameo: Sarah Lancashire

"Having grown up watching Sarah Lancashire in Corrie (although I'm sure most people know her for Happy Valley these days) it was a nice surprise to see her in a Doctor Who episode.

I really enjoy this episode for all the double entendres and the general fun of it. Donna comes back as a permanent companion after her mind having been opened to other possibilities after meeting the doctor. Everyone is raving about a miracle diet pill that actually works but Donna is sceptical and doesn't trust it. She goes undercover to find out what's really going on and bumps into the doctor in the process. From here hilarity and major cuteness ensues.

Sarah Lancashires character is cast as the villain very early on. Head of Adipose industries she runs everything, but there appears to be alien play at work. We later discover that she's essentially trying to make a living and may not be the biggest baddy of the episode after all."

Closing Time

Doctor: Matt Smith, Cameo: James Corden

"In this episode Matt Smiths Doctor is on a farewell tour as his impending doom is on it's way - so he decides to visit Craig, played by James Corden. This character sees Corden back doing what he does best - comedic acting. Although quite different to Smithy in Gavin and Stacey, Craig still has a bit of childlike wonder about him when it comes to the Doctor.

By now Craig has a son called Alfie - and we discover that the Doctor can speak baby which makes for a really nice sequence and running theme throughout the episode. We see the doctor trying to do normal home things with Craig like shopping and looking after Alfie and just as he gets ready to leave he discovers a Cyberman invasion taking place at a local department store.

Queue Craig trying to look after Alfie whilst also assisting the Doctor with stopping an invasion - parenting has never been so tough! Fingers crossed Alfie crops up again in a future episode when he's a bit older!"

Voyage of the Damned

Doctor: David Tennant, Cameo: Kylie Minogue

"In this brilliant Christmas Special we get a host of great cameos.

A little extra bit of info - the character of Astrid was written specifically for Minogue which is pretty unheard of in the whoniverse! And she obviously worked as this still has the highest viewing figures of a Doctor Who episode since 1979! (as of December 2016) It was beaten in viewing figures only by the Eastenders episode that started straight after it. The opening of this episode see the TARDIS collide with the Titanic - at the point we all think that it's the Doctors fault! However it turns out it's a starliner so all is not lost. The Doctor repairs it and hops on board. But alas all is not fun and games as the ship hosts start to kill off the guests - the Doctor steps up and with assistance from Astrid, Midshipman Alonso Frame (Tovey) and Wilfred Mott (Cribbins - you might remember him as Donna's grandfather!) they go off to divert disaster. This Christmas special is after the Doctor loses Martha and just before Donna comes on board full time as companion so Wilfred Mott's reappearance is a lovely Easter Egg!"