Best cameos in Doctor Who by Den of Geek

Simon Brew from Den Of Geek told W his favourite Doctor Who episodes with memorable cameos. Let’s see who he chose and why…

A self-confessed geek, Simon started the Den Of Geek website back in 2007. Simon assures us that substantive progress in the area of bodily hygiene has been made in recent years, but it's Doctor Who that has been an ever present in his life!

"I was still in single figures as I watched the news bulletin telling me Tom Baker was hanging up his scarf" says Simon. "I watched him fall and regenerate (spoiler, sorry), and turn into this fella who liked cricket. I was hooked."

But was it easy for him to choose his favourite modern cameo episodes?

"Of course not! I mean, Blink really should be on there for a start, but I reconciled that because: a) everybody's already seen Blink the requisite 20 times and b) Actually, I can't think of a B..."

Vincent & The Doctor

The Doctor: Matt Smith

Cameo: Bill Nighy

"I chose this because I know there's a groundswell of people who don't like it. I can't say it hit me hard first time either. But it certainly got me the second. I was interviewed about my thoughts on Doctor Who once, too. Don't worry, it's not a namedroppy showbizzy story (I was sat in my pants on the phone in the West Midlands at the time). But the interviewer told me Doctor Who was just for children. I asked him why. He gave some mumbly clickbaity answer. And all the while, I couldn't help but think of Vincent And The Doctor. An episode of a so-called 'children's programme' that both tells a good story, and talks to its audience about mental health. Richard Curtis penned this one, incidentally. He didn't even insist Hugh Grant was cast in it. We do get Bill Nighy, though. I confess: I have a bit of a Nighy fetish, and if Peter Capaldi hadn't landed the role of Doctor No. 12, then surely Nighy was next on the list. His work here is uncredited, but, as always, quite brilliant."


The Doctor: David Tennant

Cameo: Derek Jacobi

"I try to avoid trailers. I try and go into things as cold as possible. As such, come the end of Utopia, as it led into the finale for series three of the revived show, it was a surprise. I'm not that blind: I knew roughly who was coming back. But what an ending! I think we sometimes overlook just how good Russell T Davies' Doctor Who was at getting us to scream at the telly (in a good way). Getting Derek Jacobi in this one though was the real coup. His Professor Yana was a mix of brains, drive and ultimately, a bit of cruelty, in an episode that would set up the finale two parter. In fact, it feels like part one of three, really."

Mummy On The Orient Express

The Doctor: Peter Capaldi

Cameo: Frank Skinner

"One thing I wanted to do was give you a spread of Doctors to accompany your Sunday afternoon. I also wanted to include a guest star who's a died in the wool Doctor Who fan. The fan in question is Frank Skinner, and the other reason I included this episode was to show that a guest star doesn't need to do anything radical sometimes. I love Frank Skinner, and I think even he would admit that he doesn't utterly immerse himself in a character here. Rather, there's a sense of a man who just loves the chance to be in one of his favourite shows. It's, surely, the Doctor Who fan's equivalent of scoring the winning goal for your team (Birmingham City in my case, sorry) in the last minute of the cup final."

The Fires Of Pompeii

The Doctor: David Tennant

Cameo: Peter Capaldi

"Doctor Who is a show of delightful works, one of which is that if you've appeared as another character in the show, it doesn't mean you can't be the Doctor. As such, we saw Colin Baker pop up in the Davison era before he took over the TARDIS himself. And we got an early glimpse of Peter Capaldi in the show, modelling a fetching toga. That said, those eyebrows make anything look good. (Who fans are immediately wanting to jab me and point out that Capaldi had a key role in the brilliant Torchwood: Children Of Earth, but my brief here was Doctor Who-specific. Soz). Bottom line: my final guest star is Peter Capaldi, in a fun historical story, that I don't think is vintage Doctor Who, but still one I like. I find it goes well with some Doritos, and a soft beverage!"