Dynamo Interview

"Series 4 is pretty epic!" Dynamo shares some of the secrets from the final series of Magician Impossible.


What can we expect from series four of Magician Impossible?

Series four is pretty epic. We've been to some incredible locations including India which was one of the most fascinating countries I've ever been to. I've also really tried to push the boundaries of what's possible this series and I hope people enjoy the results.

Where in India do you go?

We filmed in Dharavi which is one of the biggest slums in the world and was a real eye-opener. Some of the living conditions are horrendous but what most people don't see is all of the local businesses that operate in the area and literally create something out of nothing.

Where else do you go in series four?

We also go back to America ? to possibly the most connected place on the planet ? San Francisco. Then we go back down to LA. I just can't seem to escape Hollywood! I think as a kid you have dreams of making it big and going to Hollywood and when I?m there I get inspired. There just seems to be so many inspiring people out there and every time I go I meet new people. You can't keep me away.

Dynamo in India

Do you do any dangerous stunts in this series?

You know Houdini once said, ?The easiest way to attract a crowd is to attempt something that in the event of failure will mean sudden death,? and the finale to episode one certainly lives up to that. I don't intentionally focus on doing dangerous things but occasionally I have an idea which involves an element of risk and I train hard to make sure that I?m as safe as possible. In the big scheme of things, my job is pretty safe!

Have you ever injured yourself though?

In India I put my back out and we had to stop filming for a week. I?m not the biggest guy in the world so I can get knocked about a bit and get a lot of pain at times.

And you do some magic with One Direction in the first episode?

The One Direction boys are awesome. They're a good laugh. I've known them since they were first on The X Factor. I remember the first time I met them I didn't really know who they were. They were this bunch of lads who came running over to me saying, ?We watched you on Soccer AM ? you were wicked! Do some magic.? And then next thing I go home and put the telly on and I?m like, ?Oh, that's them lads from earlier.? The actual event we film with them for the show is a big social media thing where they'd taken over You Tube and Google+ and Twitter and it was a live stream. That just shows how seriously they take interacting with their fans. I mean, they're at the top of their game, regardless of whether you like their music or not, they're great lads and they're pretty down-to-earth really.

Dynamo in India

And Coldplay are in the series too aren't they?

Yes. I first met them years and years ago. I was doing magic trying to get backstage to the boys but they were having none of it so I started doing magic to this lovely lady. She goes, ?Oh, you'll have to come and show my boy.? So I get dragged through this crowd and it turns out her little boy was Chris Martin. For this series I was interested in how they work so closely together so I tried to play on that a little bit ? but magically.

What are your favourite pieces of magic from the new series?

One from the new series is one we do with Sid from Slipknot with his skateboard and some sunglasses. That's pretty cool. There's another thing I do, I?m not sure which episode it will be in, but it's with my friend Johnny who teaches at a school for kids who have been expelled from mainstream education. There were some great kids there and they were just so amazed and grateful that we even turned up! Some of the magic I did there, just to kind of get into the minds of these kids who perhaps think a bit differently from everybody else, was really interesting. The reactions there were incredible. Although I do think the teachers were going crazier than the kids.

How do you feel about the critical acclaim the series has received ? like being nominated for BAFTA?

It's incredible. I never would have imagined we'd ever be nominated for anything like that. I mean, me, my manager, the whole team, we're just doing what we love and so to get awards for it as well, it really is like a cherry on the cake. It really is amazing just to be nominated, but hopefully we get a BAFTA for series four.

Is this series of Magician Impossible going to be your last?

It is going to be the last series of Magician Impossible. It feels right. There have been so many amazing TV shows that I think could have finished a bit earlier and kept the mystique. Look at Paul Daniels. I think his only mistake was that he stayed on the telly for a bit too long and overstayed his welcome so people don't necessarily remember his amazing magic. They talk about his chat shows and his one-liners and I think that ruined the mystery of the magic for him. He was one of the best magicians this country has ever produced, one of the best in the world. As much as I'd love to keep making more episodes and keep it going on forever, I want to leave people wanting more.