Emma Willis: Delivering Babies returns for a second series

Emma Willis returns to the Princess Alexandra Hospital for a second series of Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, exclusively for W.

Emma Willis: Delivering Babies returns for a second series

The first series documented Emma's training to be a Maternity Care Assistant (MCA), working ten hour shifts on the ward, cleaning beds and taking blood pressure. The show was W's most-watched series of 2018, with almost a million people tuning into the premiere episode.

In the brand-new second series, Emma reprises her role in the maternity unit at the same hospital she spent three months training at last summer - this time as a fully-qualified Maternity Care Assistant.

Emma will be on shift alongside her old team, ready to assist the hard-working staff as they help bring new life into the world. But now, it's time to put everything she's learned to the test, her days as a trainee are over.

In a separate one-off special, Emma Willis: Meet the Babies, Emma will also visit some of the parents and babies she met during her training last year and together they'll look back at the births.

Emma Willis says:

Training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital was such an amazing experience, so I am absolutely delighted to be returning again this year! Training to be an MCA was a real eye opener so I can't wait to see what they've got in store for me over the coming weeks. I loved being part of so many wonderful memories for families last year, so it will be great to meet up with some of them and see how they're getting on.