About Emma Willis: Special Births

Across two heartwarming episodes Emma Willis takes viewers on a maternity road trip, introducing them to seven never-before-seen birth stories.

About Emma Willis: Special Births

Every year 4000 and babies are born at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex and during Emma's time working there as a Maternity Care Assistant she was fortunate enough to help bring some of them into the world.

There were also some very special babies that she missed being born, so in this two-part special she's going to visit those families and meet their babies ten months on. But Emma isn't going empty handed, she's taking a film of their birth and not only will it be her first time watching it, it will be theirs too.

Warm, humorous and full of natural drama Emma Willis: Special Births is an honest and heartfelt personal account of child birth and the special bond that links all those involved.


The first stop on Emma's maternity road trip is to meet parents David and Hayley, who spent three years trying to conceive and when they eventually did it was with twins. Emma gets to know the family before sitting down with them to watch the birth, a planned caesarean section that was anything but straightforward.

Next up is a visit to second time mum Fay, to watch the birth of her son Oscar. Fay's birth started in the pool, but after the midwife noticed something unusual she was taken to the birthing unit.

Emma's third visit is to Kirsty who, along with her partner Connor, wanted her mother-in-law by her side for the birth of her second child. After a full day of contractions and no sign of baby her mother-in-law Nicky was sent home, but as dawn broke so did Kirsty's waters - starting a race against time.

The final stop on Emma's maternity road trip is to meet Shaz and Ahmet. Shaz had her heart set on water birth, but as her labour progressed the midwife noticed a change in the baby's heart rate.


Emma hits the road again to meet some of the parents whose babies she missed being born during her time working at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The first stop is to meet mother-of-four Keira and her sister Rhea, who was also her birthing partner. With her pregnancy at full-term, Keira was induced and had to play the waiting game. Her birth progressed rapidly and when the midwife noticed the baby's heart rate was unstable, she decided to take action.

The next stop is to catch up with Neringa, who Emma met briefly during her time on the ward. After Neringa had been induced, doctors discovered that her baby was lying in an unusual position and she was rushed to theatre for an emergency caesarean section.

The final stop on Emma's maternity road trip is to meet Charlotte and Craig. Charlotte was high risk as her two previous caesarean sections resulted in heavy blood loss. And this planned caesarean would also take a dramatic turn.