About Escape to the Country

Surrounded by concrete and noisy traffic, most city people are tempted to quit the rat race for the peace of the countryside. Escape To The Country helps people to achieve that dream, finding a suitable property and offering expert advice on buying, selling and moving.

Escape to the Country

Experts Catherine Gee and Nick Page establish why their clients want to leave the town or city they are living in, what they want to get out of a move to the country and how much their current property is worth. Then comes the trickier part. What can they buy for the price of their current property? And where should they go?

Mark and Ruth, for example, are funky young Londoners wanting a complete change. They plan to go green, to the extent that they want to generate their own electricity and recycle as much as possible. Then there's Ralph and Christine, a couple in their late 50s, who don't mind where they move to as long it has enough land for Christine to set up a riding school.

After roaming the countryside hunting out everything from snug, chocolate-box cottages to rambling castles, the potential new owners are invited to view the selected properties. Will they fall in love with one of them, or has their search been in vain?