Flack interview - Arinze Kene (Sam)

Arinze tells us what was it like playing Anna Paquin's love interest in Flack.

Flack interview - Arinze Kene (Sam)

What attracted you to Flack?

Oliver's script is excellent. The first thing that hit me is that it's laugh-out-loud funny. But the humour comes out of the characters - it's not just funny for no reason. That's very much to my taste. Also, the characters are so well formed - they're instantly believable. I loved Flack as soon as I read it.

Where is Sam and Robyn's relationship at?

They are at a pivotal point in their lives. They've been together for quite a while now, and they're at an age where they have to decide about the future. They thought they would spend their lives together, but gradually we see cracks forming. Their relationship is certainly put to the test over these six episodes.

What is causing these cracks?

They're both in their mid-thirties and experiencing that vibe of "What are we going to do next?" Most of that pressure comes from Sam. He can feel Robyn slightly drifting away, so he begins to question things: "Do we really want this?"

Are specific things becoming a bone of contention between Sam and Robyn?

Yes.There is a huge misunderstanding over whether or not they want a baby. That adds to the complexity of it all. So much is left unsaid. People might actually feel sorry for Sam. In every exchange with Robyn, there is always a lie. The audience are aware of this, so they have the upper hand.

What holds them together, then?

I had to think about that - why does this relationship work? They have a real chemistry. When Robyn is sober, they work. They might not drink on a Friday night because they want to do stuff together on Saturday morning, like go to a flower market. They're that couple. That's them at their best. But Robyn isn't quite there yet. Her past affects her behaviour and causes her pain, and her lifestyle keeps dragging her back to the dark side.

But despite everything, Sam takes care of Robyn, doesn't he?

Yes. It makes perfect sense that he's a nurse. Sam is used to looking after people, and he has to have a certain type of patience and tolerance to be always forgiving Robyn. That comes out in their relationship. He's more rooted than she is. But that's also part of the problem. Her work life is such a contrast to what she has at home. That jars for her. Another criticism could be that Sam isn't outgoing enough for Robyn and that he doesn't satisfy her thrill-seeking side.

What has it been like collaborating with Anna?

It's been brilliant. She's awesome. She never switches off - she has so much to give. She gets so much done every day and makes it look easy. There is so much she could do in the future. She's going to be directing very soon. She's a force of nature!