Flack interview - Rebecca Benson (Melody)

Rebecca reveals how you shouldn't underestimate her character Melody in Flack and what working with Anna Paquin was like.

Flack interview - Rebecca Benson (Melody)

How would you characterise Melody?

Others might describe her as "bubbly" - which usually means "annoying"! But I see her as secretly strident and ambitious. She's very keen to be there. Melody has been spotted by Caroline because of the very high quality of her celebrity fascination. Melody loves Reality TV and magazines. She's really swotted up for this job.

What other traits does she have that lend themselves to the world of PR?

Melody is desperate to please the people she respects. She also knows that an essential part of the job is commitment and ambition and a genuine interest in making things fun. She is a very quick learner, too. She's the type who will only make a mistake once. She'll immediately learn from it.

What does the job teach Melody?

She learns that the world is not all glitter and fun. It's more than just glamour and parties. Things are more sticky and dangerous than she thought.

Does the job take over Melody's life?

Yes. She buys into the fact that you need to give everything to the job. But she's happy about that because it's the dream job for her to be a grown-up in the big city working with fun people.

Where does Melody stand with Eve?

Eve is like Melody's acidic sister. Initially there is a horrid Ugly Sister vibe there. But there are more deep, dark things going on with Eve. Melody can see that, and she and Eve gradually become quite close. A fondness grows between them, even if it's not articulated.

What has the experience of working with this cast been like?

I'm in love with Anna, Lydia and Sophie! It feels like a proper sisterhood. Anna is a particularly fine example of what a woman can do when she brings other women up with her. She leads by example. Her energy is inspiring. She makes everything fun and feelgood. Shows about women can become shows about women's traumas. But this is a show about women doing their job and being real. I want to see stuff like this which I recognise and which is funny and sad at the same time. Flack has been such fun to make. We're having a whale of a time.

What will be the takeaway for audiences?

People will laugh a lot and also be surprised by how moved they are by Flack. It's hysterically funny, but it also contains parts that are dark. We don't shy away from that. It has light and shade. It's a classic "dramedy."

Would you be up for a second series of Flack?

Absolutely! I'm begging for a second series! I'm also suggesting to Oliver that if we get a second series, we could end up in Milan or Paris for Fashion Week or staying with a supermodel in Ibiza. I'm open to anything like that!