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It's the ultimate race to get to the church on time...

Get Me To The Church

Brand new on W, Get Me To The Church sees a bride or groom and their friends dumped in a far-flung corner of the world after an outrageous pre-wedding party. Stripped of their possessions, with no local knowledge and unable to speak the language, they must beat the clock and make it to the church in time for their wedding.

The Prize? The honeymoon of a lifetime.

The risk? Their partner must organise the whole wedding, by themselves... and they could end up missing the ceremony.

Car, camel, train or plane - how the group get back is up to them, and if they success, they win a luxury five-star honeymoon. But with mounting pressure, both at home and abroad, will the wedding go off without a hitch, and will the wedding party get there in time to actually get hitched?