About Grimm Season 2

Portland Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt has descended from an elite line of criminal profilers, known as Grimms. This handed-down responsibility requires him to see what others don't see, which is just as well because in America's northwest there's an influx of beasts and monsters of yore taking human form.


Nick's attempts to shield his fiancée Juliette Silverton and his partner, Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby), from the hazards of his new life have reached a crisis, leaving Juliette in a mysterious coma and Hank on the verge of a mental breakdown.

With help from his confidants, Monroe and Rosalee, both reformed Grimm creatures, Nick must help those closest to him, while still facing off against all manner of ancient evils, including royal lines dating back to the original profilers themselves, the Grimm Brothers.

As Nick develops his ability to harness his inner Grimm, he begins to question what he once knew, never more so than when he's reunited with his mother (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), also a Grimm, who he thought dead for the past 20 years.