About Series 1

Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman head out into the dark for the scariest road trip of their lives.

Haunted Highway

Fuelled by eyewitness interviews and evidence collected by Jack's state-of-the-art equipment, he and Dana travel alone, self-documenting their harrowing face-to-face encounters with the paranormal. Look out for Jael de Pardo and Devin Marble, who also hit the road looking for things going bump in the night.

Episode 1 - Bear Lake Beast / Vergas Hairy Man

We meet Jack and Dana as they head to Bear Lake, Utah in search of the Bear Lake Beast. This serpentine monster is usually seen in the water, but has been said to come onto land to feed... mostly on children.

Episode 2 - Darkman Of Standing Rock / Black Star Shadow Man

Jack and Dana search for a mysterious shadowy being that is apparently haunting Black Star Canyon in Orange, California. Meanwhile, investigators Jael de Padro and Devin Marble have a chilling brush with the Grimm Reaper in North Dakota.

Episode 3 - Utah Skinwalker / Ozark Howler

Jack and Dana head to Utah to search for signs of the Skin-walker, a shape-shifting spirit of Native American legend. Meanwhile, Jael and Devin travel to Arkansas to investigate the Ozark Howler, a giant cat-like creature, or 'Devil Cat', that allegedly prowls Camp Wallpac.

Episode 4 - El Dorado Hellhounds / Georgia Skin Stealer

Jack and Dana go searching for hellhounds said to guard old gold mines on the land near El Dorado Canyon in Nevada. While, Jael and Devin go through Ebenezer Swamp in Georgia to track down a flesh-taking entity said to drain the souls of victims during sleep.

Episode 5 - Louisiana Swamp / Pioneer Cemetery

Jael and Devin go hunting for the Swamp Woman of Cotile Lake in Alexandria, Louisiana, an alleged victim of a massacre whose screams are said to be heard in swamp.

Episode 6 - Silver City Ghost Town / Shunka Warakin

Jael and Devin investigate an old west ghost town of Silver City, Idaho that used to be a mining town in the 1800s. The alleged paranormal activity may surround people murdered in the Idaho Hotel and the Masonic Lodge.