Meet our paramedics: Debbie Woodcock

We caught up with paramedic Debbie Woodcock to see what it was like to be part of Inside the Ambulance.

Debbie Woodcock

What's your name and your job?

I'm Debbie Woodcock and I'm an ambulance technician for West Midlands Ambulance Service.

What's the best thing about your job?

The best thing about the job is getting to help people who need our help.

What are the biggest challenges of your job?

Biggest challenge of the job I think is the system, trying to be able to help the patients we need to help using the systems we should have in place, but aren't in place

What do you want people to learn from Inside The Ambulance?

The British public need to be educated in when to phone 999 and what to phone 999 for.

I think I'd like people to realise that it's not like watching Casualty on the telly, it's absolutely nothing like that. Some of it is normal, down-to-earth jobs which may be lifting people, may be just going out to people that don't really need an ambulance but call one anyway.

What did you do before you worked for WMAS?

I did various jobs: I used to make popcorn machines as an apprentice when I left school, I worked in a factory, I worked for a doctors deputising service, I was a sales assistant - a nanny, as well! - and then I ended up doing this.