About Inside Heston's World

One of the most renowned restaurants in the world, The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire has built an enviable reputation for precision and invention in the culinary world.

About Inside Heston's World

So, when it had to close for six months for renovation work, Heston Blumenthal decided to temporarily relocate The Fat Duck, along with its entire team, to Melbourne, Australia. This series follows Heston and his fellow chefs as they embark upon this enormous endeavour.

In the first instalment, viewers will be granted an intimate and exclusive look into this world-famous establishment and the lives of those who make it so special. Over a year of filming, cameras follow the team as it prepares for the audacious, six-month move to Australia.

At the conceptual helm, Heston masterminds a brand new, multi-million restaurant build in Melbourne, while The Fat Duck's head chef Jonny Lake is tasked with working out how to ship 64,000 snails - essential to one of their most iconic dishes 'Snail Porridge' - to the other side of the world.

Heston is committed to bringing the entire team Down Under, but if Polish chef Wojciech Korfel doesn't pass an English language exam, he'll be left at home and The Fat Duck will be one man down.