Inside the Ambulance Series 1 episode guide

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Inside the Ambulance episode recap

Episode 1 -

Steve and Neil help a man having a debilitating panic attack at work; and Loz and Dan are called to a woman with agonising chest pain and a dangerously high heart rate.

Episode 2 -

Hannah and Mike are called to a young woman who's had a fit in the street; and Loz and James go to help a pregnant woman who's worried she's in early labour.

Episode 3 -

Michelle and Simon rush to a young man who's collapsed at work; and Gaz and Debbie try to work out what's causing a teenager to have chest pain and numbness down one side.

Hannah Meredith

Episode 4:

Dan and Shane suspect blood poisoning after picking up a seriously ill patient; and Michelle and Simon become emotionally involved treating a woman with terminal cancer.

Episode 5:

Gaz and Mike rush a small baby to hospital with suspected meningitis; and Steve and Neil are called to a woman who's suddenly lost the ability to speak.

Episode 6 -

Michelle and Hannah help a man having a devastating anxiety attack in the street; and trainee Shane takes the lead for the first time at the scene of a car crash.

Episode 7 -

Hannah and Mike help a man in agony after having kidney stones removed; and Shane makes animals out of his surgical gloves to distract a toddler who's fallen off a trampoline.

Paramedic Amy Stevenson

Episode 8 -

Hannah and Amy treat a teenager who can't speak because she's in so much pain; and then respond to a call from a 3-year-old daughter has got something stuck up her nose.

Episode 9 -

Jamie and Debbie rush to a man who's unconscious in a diabetic coma; and help a teenager who keeps passing out at college.

Episode 10 -

Loz and Dan rush to a man who's fighting for breath with sudden chest pain; and Hannah and Michelle are called to a woman who's in agony after falling over.