About MasterChef Australia Series 12

The ultimate cook-off returns with more culinary challenges than ever before.

About MasterChef Australia Series 12

The highly anticipated show returns to W not only for its incredible 12th season, but with a trio of new acclaimed judges at the helm. Jock Zonfrillo, Andy Allen and Melissa Leong have entered the kitchen, ready to encourage, challenge and push contestants to extend their repertoire and cook better than they've ever cooked before - however, these 24 contestants have been here before, literally. They are all former contestants returning to the kitchen floor to attempt claim the trophy which eluded them once before.

Also returning for the second time is the force of nature that is renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, who launches the season with his own week, keeping the heat in the kitchen at scolding.

MasterChef Australia remains Australia's premier cooking competition. The ultimate winner stands to walk away with not only a life-changing experience and the title of Australia's MasterChef 2020, but also $250,000.

Make no mistake, these contestants are Back To Win. They've given up thriving lives and businesses to once again don the white apron, desperate for the glory which eluded them once before.