Q&A Dwayne

Interview with Dwayne - Operations Manager

What did you know of India before you went out there?

It was a completely new experience for all of us, none of us had ever been to India before and I don't think we knew what to expect. I didn't know much at all, really. I knew it was a sales orientated country - everything there is sales, sales, sales. But I went with an open mind and it was challenging, definitely.  

What were your first impressions?

It was completely different. Noisy, busy, people driving down the wrong side of the road, there's always something around every corner. It's pretty different from Swansea!  

Did you think the Indian people would make good call centre staff?

They were fantastic people. I didn't come across one bad person the whole time we were there, and we were there for three months, so that's saying something.   

How do you find Nev as a boss, in general?

We've worked together for six years but we've never worked in such close proximity. Previously, he's let me just be a boss and run my teams and that's been enjoyable. But when we got out there, there was a constant case of him looking over my shoulder.  

What was the dynamic like with the rest of the group - did you find it tough?

Three months living away from home is never easy, but when you're living in each other's pockets, working together, staying at the same hotel, it gets tiresome. Tensions rise.  

How did you get on with Hayley and Johnny?

Johnny was fine, he kept himself to himself really, and that's understandable. It was difficult, and he isolated himself a bit. Hayley was fantastic. She really grew as a person out there, one hundred per cent. She jumped in feet first, and tried everything. She got to know the locals, went out and about, and really enjoyed her experience. She attracted a lot of attention. She's not shy.  

What do you think the Indian staff thought of you?

They were fantastic people and we got on really well with all of them. We grew quite close to them. At the beginning some of them couldn't even speak English that well but we worked hard with them, put them through the whole training process and they did really well. So yes, we got close during that process.  

What did you teach them about Welsh and British culture?

We were trying to teach them as much as possible so that they could relate to the customer when they spoke to them. So we talked about everything from sitcoms to sport to the weather. EastEnders, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks. Liverpool FC and cricket. The weather is always a huge talking point in the UK, isn't it? So that was an important one.

What did you learn about Indian culture?

We dipped our toes into the water a bit, certainly. We tried to live the way Indians did so we travelled on the tuk-tuks, ate Indian food, went to the Taj Mahal.  We did try and get involved, for sure. But we were working most of the time so we were indoors a lot.  

Were the cultures very different?

Yes, they had a completely different mindset to ours in the UK. I've got to be honest, they work their butts off out there. Much, much harder than we do.