Cruise Ship Adventure

Explorer Nigel Marven takes to the high seas in this new six-part adventure series as he explores another dimension to your to typical cruise ship voyages.

Nigel Marven's Cruise Ship Adventure

Explorer, wildlife enthusiast and presenter Nigel Marven is back, this time for an exhilarating trip around the globe. Cruise Ship Adventure see Marven explore another side to your typical cruise ship holidays.

Voyaging with Azamara Club Cruises Nigel gives us a privileged look at life on a cruise ship, and introduces passengers and crew to the amazing creatures that follow the ship and discovers onshore beasts at the popular tourist destinations the ships dock.

The new six-part series sees Nigel plunge deep into the Costa Rican jungles, dive beneath the Caribbean waves, scramble up Scandinavian cliffs and over Mediterranean mountains.

The series is full of fun and exciting trips as Nigel's enthusiasm for wildlife becomes infectious. In his voyage from Buenos Aires to Antarctica Nigel watches humpback whales feeding right beside the ship, plays pied piper with baby penguins, ushering the chicks to a concert on the beach.

On another cruise Nigel proves that the Caribbean isn't just about sun, sand and rum. He goes head-to-head with sperm whales and finds rare iguanas on Necker Island - Richard Branson's personal, extremely exclusive resort. Throughout the series he explores the Med, Central America, Scandinavia and India.

Nigel Marven said: "Anyone who's been on a cruise will be astounded by the peculiar creatures we turn up in short visits to ports of call. The best bit was sharing my passion for wildlife - taking cruise ship Captains, entertainers and passengers on adventures with everything from puffins to pipefish, whales to woodpeckers and caecilians to sloths!"

Nigel Marven's Cruise Ship Adventure begins on May 5 at 8pm, exclusively to Watch.