About Mum Knows Best: Series 1

They may have travelled the globe in search of the tastiest and most exotic dishes they could find. But now, The Hairy Bikers are back in Britain to find the best motherly home cooking in the land.

The Hairy Bikers

The adventures of food-loving Si King and Dave Myers have taken them all around the world but they've never lost their passion for good old fashioned home cooking.

So, in an effort to search out the best traditional recipes from their own country, the hairy pair are getting back on their bikes and sending out a call-to-arms for mums, daughters and their grandmothers to unlock their private recipe archives to share with the nation.

From matriarchs to ?yummy mummies?, each episode opens with the Mums Know Best Recipe Fair, a themed fĂȘte that celebrates the history of best-loved family recipes; dishes that have fed generations and will, if shared, go on to feed generations more. At the heart of each recipe fair is the Mums Knows Best Banquet, catered by three 'star mums? who showcase a great family recipe that needs to be shared with the nation.

The three Mums are the stars of the show and the Hairy Bikers even visit their homes, delving into recipe books and heirloom kitchen equipment, all the while learning the secrets that make theirs the very best family favourite recipe. A food historian, meanwhile, gives historical context to some of the fascinating recipes and kitchen gadgets that turn up on their travels.

Heart-warming and down-to-earth, this is a series that promises to plunder the secrets of cookbooks past, rediscover cooking techniques and recreate dishes that have all but disappeared from the nation's tables. And the end result? A huge Mums Know Best Cookery Scrapbook, built throughout the series as an archive of Britain's mums? family favourites.