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About Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey

One of Britain's most revered chefs and successful authors, Rick Stein sets off on an epic culinary journey to explore the Far East's most diverse food cultures which have soared to the height of popularity the world over.

Experience a heady mix of Chinese and French influences that characterises Vietnamese food; the distinctive and unusual Khmer cuisine of Cambodia; and the light and fragrant flavours of Bangladesh that helped shaped the menu of many so many UK curry houses.

From ruby red chillies to an incredible variety of seafood, fresh fruit and exotic vegetables, this is a mouth- watering trip bursting with new taste sensations, vibrant flavours and unusual recipes.

Along the way, Rick visits traditional family-run restaurants, street vendors, night markets, fishing villages, and local farmers to learn about the authentic food of the area, and to sample the delicious spectrum of flavours. Rick's journey across the Far East also takes in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and the islands of Indonesia.