About Secret Life of the Ballroom

Whether they be office workers or full-time parents, long-term couples or platonic friends, Secret Life Of The Ballroom explores the glorious highs and crushing lows as ordinary folk swap their everyday outfits for glamorous costumes and hit the dance floor.

Secret Life of the Ballroom

We follow the fortunes of budding dancers taking their chances on the Sunday circuit to see if they have what it takes to succeed in sequins.

Over three months, five couples new to the ballroom dancing scene juggle their everyday lives with a demanding regime of dance training. Guided by professional teachers the couples must master six classic routines including the samba, jive, cha cha cha, and the quickstep. They then compete in each dance every fortnight at prestigious Sunday circuit competitions.

The couples include 44-year-old Roberta from Brighton, who's roped in her 18-year-old son as her dance partner. There's also flamboyant Mike, who's left his husband and beloved dog at home to tread the boards with his best friend, Donna. Near Portsmouth, a pair of award-winning freestyle dancers think they're ready for ballroom, only to find it's not as easy as it looks, while in London, young sporty couple Ben and Laura, who met on a dating app 11 months ago, started ballroom dancing as a competitive challenge they could do together. Alongside these are busy professionals, Vanessa and Paul, who juggle their high-flying work schedules with intense dance training.

The five couples go on the dance adventure of a lifetime, competing against each other in the hope of finding glamour and glory on the dance floor.