About Sex, Knives & Liposuction

Single mum Cherry is fast approaching forty - her face and body are not what they used to be and she’s wondering whether going under the knife might just be for her. So to see what’s out there, Cherry travels around the world to meet some of the millions of women having cosmetic procedures each year.

About Sex, Knives & Liposuction

In the UK Cherry finds a growing number of young women are going to extraordinary lengths to get the bodies they want. There's 29 year-old Keisha who is travelling all the way to Turkey on an all-inclusive surgery package to get the procedure that is sweeping the globe thanks to Kim Kardashian; a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

Then there's 20 year-old Shannon who along with a BBL, is also having a labiaplastry. It's the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the world where the vaginal lips are trimmed to create a "designer vagina". And Amber is getting married in weddings in the Caribbean and Windsor - for her perfect day she's one of a growing number of women having bridalplasty - in her case, a boob and nose job just for her big day.

To see what work mum's like her are having, Cherry goes to the USA which leads the world in cosmetic procedures with over 17 million carried out each year. Here she meets the women who are having mummy makeovers: a package of operations usually involving, at the very least, a boob job and tummy tuck that cost tens of thousands of pounds and sometimes a butt lift.

Eventually the plastic fantastic trail takes Cherry to Brazil where cosmetic surgery has become so normal that there are special clinics where people on low incomes can get procedures at the fraction of the normal cost. All part of making plastic surgery more democratic. And, ahead of making her decision about whether to have any work, Cherry comes face to face with a digitally altered version of herself to see what she'd look like if she had about £20,000 worth of cosmetic work.